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A simple update, perhaps. [16 Apr 2008|11:17pm]
Things have been pretty crazy lately as the semester has been winding down.

-I have my last critique of the semester for photo tomorrow. Then just a few simple writing assignments and one class will be done!
-Bookmaking requires one more one-of-a-kind artist book, which I have conceptualized but have yet to start the fabrication. It's due in 2 weeks.
-Art history (seminar about the maternal form) requires a presentation of my paper topic in 2 weeks with the 15 page paper due the following week. Have not been slacking on research, but need to start writing.
-Oh, and a ton of grading for the 2 classes I teach. But that's beside the point.

So many things happened/stacked up this semester that I'm actually doing pretty well considering. Besides all that, however, I had a major stress out day yesterday when, to our surprise, the back door had been left open and Lux completely ran away. We spent the next 3 1/2 hours of our evening searching for her until it got dark and we gave up for the evening, concluding that someone must have picked her up. Upon returning home, I girlishly lost it, so to speak, feeling all sorts of stress, worry, self-blame, and complete exhaustion. After the emotional purging I found it completely useless to try to do work as I was incredibly tired and had no attention span. I eventually passed out amidst the books on my bed, which Matt was kind enough to clear off for me when he came back over around midnight.

This morning we visited the local dog shelter/pound and checked for Lux. She was not there. We came back home and were about to give up again and make fliers later... when lo and behold, Matt looks out the front window of the living room and Lux is in the front yard taking a crap. He calls her in and she was exceptionally happy to be back in the house. I'm guessing she must have slept somewhere less than desirable that night since there were little things stuck in her fur and she seemed happier than normal (which, if you know Lux, is exceedingly happy). Unfortunately for me, I still felt a little like a bus had hit me and have been facing extreme exhaustion all day, but I am so grateful that I have the relief of having my sweet little doggie back.

Now I'm over at Oak Street trying to get at least one more print out (am mostly done otherwise) and typing like an idiot in a journal that I'm sure no one bothers to read anymore, but I suppose I just feel good releasing all this anxiety and information somewhere. I'm going home soon before I get too delirious to drive.

Ah, grad school. The most invigorating and exhausting experience ever. Well, maybe having kids can top it from that perspective, but as of yet I have no means for comparison.

Other journal (thelivingfilm) will have some new images, if anyone is curious.
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[18 Mar 2008|02:43am]
So I need some advice:

I spent the past 6 days at the SPE conference in Colorado and then 3 days the prior weekend in Houston. I moved into a new house a couple of weeks ago and have not met the neighbors.


Over the weekend when Matt was staying here (watching the dogs and keeping an eye on the house) the neighbors directly next door (on my side of the house for where my bedroom is located) were RIDICULOUSLY DRUNK, LOUD, AND OBNOXIOUS for most of the night--as late as 4:00 AM. Matt was pissed, missed sleep, and the walls/windows are not heavy sound-guarded in this house because it was built in the 1920s.

It is 2:45 AM right now and they FINALLY just stopped yelling and laughing and talking and went home.

Over the weekend, Matt called the cops twice with a noise complaint and that helped a little, but I don't want to have to do that every night. They seem like a bunch of idiot partiers and I'm worried this is going to become routine. I'm considering meeting them during a day this week when they are hopefully not drinking but am not looking forward to it. I'm exhausted from flying back to TX today and can't handle stupid people especially when overtired. Plus I'm kind of worried if they realize it was us calling with the noise complaints, that they'll retaliate somehow. Who knows? I have no idea what kind of people they all are. Especially when intoxicated.

So what would anyone else out there do?
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New Journal [11 Mar 2008|04:59pm]
So for anyone caring, I started a new journal called thelivingfilm which will be pretty much entirely image based.

I might still come back to this one from time to time, but more for personal entries rather than photos. Feel free to add the new one if you like.
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to dos... [21 Oct 2007|11:46pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I'm just hoping to survive this week.

To Do List:
-plan some ideas for a public art project (trying to be involved; four students from Mexico have traveled up for the next two weeks to collaborate with a few of us at school)
-attend various meetings throughout the next two weeks and possibly museum trips this weekend for the project
-finish images for critique in photo class on Thursday
-finish artist website for presentation on Tuesday
-finish grading mid-semester portfolios
-finish grading one-point perspective drawing assignment
-finish grading depth of field photo assignment
-submit institutional board certification paperwork for art history project
-get a move on with research for art history
-meeting with Brent on Wed.
-maybe meeting with Dornith on Tues...?
-somehow finish pulling together my costume for our supposed Halloween party at our house on Friday night that Ali is organizing (I'm going to be Betty Page and Matt is going to be Frank Zappa... yeah, I know they have nothing to do with each other)

-and uh, oh yeah, eat, breathe, shower, sleep, and somehow continue to improve health since I was so sick the past few days I had to miss the regional SPE conference in fear of not being able to stay awake long enough to drive myself and then spread germs throughout the convention.

And why is it that my technologically challenged side has to emerge even more during weeks when I have so much due and I'm working so hard? Sometimes it seems like no matter how hard I work, I'm still limited by what I know how to due via photoshop/dreamweaver and that is just the most frustrating feeling ever when you work this hard.

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Lux & Ives [03 Oct 2007|02:27pm]

These are the dogs we adopted last week. Lux is on the left and Ives is on the right. They are chow mixes, which is why they have the dark tongues (according to our vet they are most likely mixed with either samoa or golden retreiver). We believe they are brother and sister despite some slight physical differences (such as their weight: he is 42 lbs and she is 27 lbs). Ives was named after Charles Ives, the American avant-guarde composer (one of Matthew's favs) and Lux was a name I got from the movie "The Virgin Suicides" and it also means "light."

Read more...Collapse )
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21 days [01 Oct 2007|11:20am]

This is a low-res version of what I finished last night. It was small (each image was probably about 4 inches wide or so) and they were printed on a 16x20 piece of paper. I'm just so glad it's done, although now I'm dealing with some of the residual problems of yesterday (of which there were oh-so-many). The main one being that photoshop won't even open on my computer anymore and despite problem solving, nothing is working. I might just have to get the new version and install it (more $$, oh yay).

Oh, and the show is called "21 Days" because that's how long we all had to shoot & print at least one good image for it. Mine just ran up to the wire with getting it done. But the show is up in the lightwell gallery space of the art building on campus and will be up for the week, if anyone is interested.
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ugh. [30 Sep 2007|09:13pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

First of all, I haven't been able to locate my cord that connects my digital camera to my laptop, hence no pictures of the new babies yet.

Second, while the new babies are adjusting well, everything that could conceivably go wrong with making ONE print this weekend (to be displayed in the art building this week at a group photo show w/the other grads) has gone wrong. Like everything. Everything short of spontaneous combustion, that is. And God only knows if that will happen.

So it's 9:15 and I'm still fruitlessly trying to get ONE GOOD PRINT to hang and I'm exhausted and achy and sooooo not interested in any of this anymore... but they left a space for me on the wall and everyone hung their work this evening, so I'm still going.

And I'm not happy.
Not. One. Bit.

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new babies [23 Sep 2007|05:34pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Matthew and I have been pet searching at Operation Kindness and while we really were looking for one dog, we found two in the process. One if the daddy dog (approx. 1 year old) and the other is the daughter dog (approx. 5 months old). They are Chow/Sheperd mixes (or so they think) and we adopted them today!!! We decided it would be best to keep them together because they are not socialized and are easily scared/shy (especially the little one). The shelter insists on getting them fixed before letting them go though, so we can't pick them up until Thursday... at which point I will take some pictures to show them off because they are BEAUTIFUL dogs. Both are labeled as blonde dogs. The male is white with some yellow-y tones on his back and the female is white with some apricot tones. Both have brown eyes and dark purple/black tongues that are so characteristic of chows. They are very striking dogs and have TONS of fur, so we will be brushing them a lot.

As of right now, we have decided to name the male Ives after Charles Ives, the famous American avant-guarde composer. The female's name is still in question and I'll take suggestions, but nothing typical or cutesy. One possibility (which was sort of a joke that Matt made) was Susie Creamcheese, a reference to a reoccuring character in Frank Zappa's music (in case you're not familiar). I'm also thinking maybe a classic female name would be nice. I just don't want to call her anything like Fluffy, Marshmellow, Missy, etc. because those are boring.

I paid adoption fees today and bought a bunch of pet supplies. Yes, my credit card is a bit tired from today but it is worth it... and we will have our new babies by the end of the week!! :D

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deer in... beer lights? [14 Sep 2007|11:50pm]
[ mood | motivated ]

'nuff said.

I don't think I've posted many fun images recently, so there ya go.
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Guluwalk [10 Sep 2007|12:52pm]
Please visit this link if you are interested in helping support my participation in Guluwalk.

If you're able to, donate whatever you can to my page (no matter how small the amount). I'd really appreciate it. I set a goal of $500.

For more information on the displaced people of Uganda, visit Invisible Children, which had a large event last April. The site includes a very well constructed intro video that I strongly encourage anyone to watch. It makes me tear up every time.

EDIT: I also want to mention that one of the main reasons I find this cause to be SO important is because the LRA in Uganda is not only terrorizing the region, but is also constantly abducting children from their families to put them into armies in order to continue terrorizing the area. I think this is sick and sad and the country needs all the support it can get to stop it.
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photoblog [07 Sep 2007|02:50pm]
I'm taking a class called Photography & the Web and one of the projects we are doing involves quick presentations on various artists' portfolio pages (analyzing a bit of their work and web format/layout) and then posting information and links on a class blog. It's going to be changing and developing all semester, but I think there are some interesting resources on it so far. I have yet to post something myself, but if anyone is interested, please visit it:


And if I'm not mistaken, anyone can leave comments on entries if something sparks your interest.
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Which class do I take? [20 Aug 2007|02:03pm]
Gimme your input!
I have to make an important scheduling decision and I'm asking for input because I'm indecisive about the whole matter.

Basically, I thought I was unable to take a certain class called Photography & the Web because my Drawing I teaching slot overlaps it, but today I got clearance from the professor that I could come to half of the class (I'd leave 1/2 way through every night)and meet with him during office hours to get help and show him my progress. Having said that, I would have to drop one of my classes I already signed up for. I'm currently signed up for:

-Photography Studio (here at UNT)
-Photography Studio (taught over across town at TWU)
-Latin American Art (with a focus on Frida & Diego Rivera; probably getting an Art History minor after this)

My first thought was to drop the TWU photo class because I'm already nervous about making two bodies of work at the same time and this would solve the problem, but I just don't know what would be better.

Pros of taking Photo & Web:
-solving some of my anxiety about the semester
-learning more stuff about web design in the midst of making a professional website for myself, or at least badly attempting to
-the TWU class meets 10am-5pm on Tuesdays and this move would free up a good portion of my Tuesday
-working with the brand new faculty member who seems really cool and extremely knowledgeable on webdesign, online photography, and databasing (see http://www.pahomann.com)

Pros of leaving my schedule as it is:
-getting a different perspective from students & professor at TWU on my work
-hugely focusing on photo work, which can also be overwhelming and possibly become a con eventually
-professor lets grad students create a lot of the syllabus depending on what they want to focus on besides critiques, so it changes each semester
-no harassing anyone in academic offices to change my classes around

input? please??
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never ending lists [14 Aug 2007|01:08pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

I need to develop film I need to develop film I need to develop film

Going a little crazy having not done as much photo work as I would have liked this summer.
In the middle of reorganizing my room/sorting through things to donate to Good Will.
Almost to the point where I can upload my website content (I've been working hard).
Trying to read like 3 books at once. Weird.
Need to buy supplies and art history books for the fall. Semester starts in 2 weeks or so.

Things have been a little hectic.
Never enough time for things I want to get done or make habitual.
I fear I am becoming a new perpetual enabler, as I usually am.
Sometimes I wonder why I feel such a need to over-do my efforts in certain areas of my life.
Yet others are neglected.
Running out of summer time with so many projects and goals and ideas left unmet.
Really need to look for some juried shows to apply to so I can start building my resume too.

Images will come soon. I think.. I hope.

Oh, and my roommate Wendi is moving out so if anyone knows someone in Denton who is looking to live on the edge of UNT's campus in a house for $275/mo rent + 1/3 utilities, please direct them to me. They would have their own room and have to share a bathroom with me (other roommate has her own). Move in time would be end of September (yes I realize this is an odd time).

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higway flora [20 Jul 2007|10:48am]

I know it's a cliched image, but I liked it. I want to say they are Texas wildflowers, but they look more like thistles to me. They were on the side of the highway.

No greater meaning. That's all.
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return from the northeast [17 Jul 2007|05:58pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Arrived back from my trip to the Northeast on Sunday.
I spent Monday-Friday with my parents, brother, and his girlfriend in New Hampshire. A friend of the family owns a house across the street from a lake so we borrowed it. I love that state. Spent a lot of time there as a kid. Engulfed in all the woods. So great. Took some pictures, but have to get the film developed.

Came home on Sunday thinking that Matt's mom was picking me up from the Houston airport until I'm waiting for my baggage and turn around to see Matt holding a bouquet of daisies (my favorite). He drove down from Denton despite his summer class the next morning. The flowers were for my birthday, which was last friday (the 13th--Oooh, spooky). I'm officially 24 years old now.

He also got me...3 more thingsCollapse )
My best friend Kate gave me presents from Hawaii since she has been living there for the past 6 months including turquoise earrings, a small handcrafted blank book that has leaves covering the bookboard, a copy of the "our father" prayer in english and hawaiian, and a plumeria root that will grow into a plant when I find a suitable pot.

I had a lovely time picking blueberries at a local Connecticut farm with her and then the following day we baked them into Dad's banana bread recipe. She took one on her trip to Las Vegas to see her boyfriend and I brought mine back to Texas for Matt and his family.

Also spent an evening with my good friend Caleb who was not only gracious enough to take me out to a wine bar with live jazz, but he also got me this.Collapse )


Enough about birthdays. I'm trying to figure out the best way to make a personal artist website since I am now done teaching that summer class and have more time on my hands.

bexy suggested using Dreamweaver. I've never used it before but I do have the program. Trying to look for a tutorial that makes sense and has pictures (not just confusing wordage).

plastikwater suggested using Big Black Bag, which has premade templates and does a lot of the grunt work for you.

I don't want anything super complex, but I don't want it to look like every website you've ever seen. Something really clean and easy to navigate. I'd love to have a very simple flash intro but I'm not sure if I can swing that. Anyway, this is my plea, if you have a suggestion as to how to do this or know of any good places where I can find easy to understand tutorials on Dreamweaver, it would be muchly appreciated.


Photos to come in the future (Grace's wedding, NH, CT, miscellaneous...).

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the hough boys [12 Jun 2007|04:52pm]

The following are images of my big bookmaking project from the spring semester. It was an edition of 10. The project consisted of a series of hand-made boxes that are created from the design of an original nature-themed pencil box from the mid 1980s. Inside, there is a hand crafted book in the left side and some "artifacts" on the right side. Click below for more images.
+Collapse )
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[31 May 2007|05:40pm]
-I finished my Maymester class today (experimental screenprinting). Thank God I don't have to get up for another 8:00AM class all summer. Although, the class was fun.
-I received my Hasselblad in the mail today. I am so excited about using it, but so tired from my class that I probably wont do much shooting this evening.
-I found out that Matthew is moving into his new apartment tomorrow, so I will be helping him with that.
-I'm so close to being done with Geek Love so I borrowed a new book from the library: Survivor by Chuch Palahnuik.
-I really want to make some more books, even if they are blank books.
-I REALLY need to start on making my website.
-Also...the Summer I session starts Monday. I'm teaching Drawing I 4 hrs per day for 5 weeks. Yay!
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hasselblad mio [25 May 2007|09:06am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

i just won this on ebay.
i never use ebay. but this time it worked.
that's right.
a hasselblad 503cw. it's used, but it's still in working condition.
plus it was a little less than half the price of the same camera brand new.


this was one of the biggest purchases ever for me, so i'm kind of nervous
but TOTALLY FREAKING EXCITED to receive this thing.
just hope it's as good as it sounds.
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CADD Art Party [19 May 2007|10:47am]

cadd party dress
cadd party dress

last night i got to attend this nice swanky
CADD art party, which kicked off the CADD art fair,
open to the public today and tomorrow.
basically about 12 or so galleries in dallas got together
(CADD = Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas)
and opened their own little rooms in this big facility
to hang and sell work from their gallery. Since I'm interning
at PanAmerican ArtProjects, they had me come.
It was a catered/open bar formal affair that made me nervous at first,
then irrirated at the way the day went--
basically they asked me to come down a lot earlier than I needed
to help them set up, but by the time I got there they were done setting up
so I was sent a text message that I should just shop or grab a bite or whatever
in dallas and then stop by after 6pm. but they sent the text at 3:40 pm,
when i was 10 minutes away from the venue.
so i basically hung out at a coffeeshop/walked a bit in deep ellum (yeah i know)
and then headed over to this shindig, at which they didnt come until 6:40.
(party started at 7pm) once it got going though i felt a lot better.
considering that i don't live that far from dallas, i have a bad
sense of direction and i don't know my way around it, hence my anxiety
about hanging out for that long.
anyway, it was exciting to take part of the whole thing, which was unadvertised
so it was mostly artists and people who buy art, and i got a nice goodie bag on the way out.

today is my first free day all week since
my screenprinting class is 8 hrs a day, monday-thursday. and i've been staying late.
i'm kind of giddy with the idea of "oooh what do i do today??"
which is a bad thing for me because on days when i lack structure, i sometimes
waste them. take now, for instance, i am still in my pajamas and it's 11:00 am.
yikes. i might work on some screenprinting, do some cleaning here, tons of laundry,
maybe paint a wall in my studio light grey. wendi and i were talking about going to
an art museum today. my suggestions last night were a toss up
between the Pretty Baby exhibit at the Ft. Worth Modern
or Fast Forward at the DMA.
we shall see.
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i need to update more [12 May 2007|10:42am]
[ mood | excited ]

i finished up EVERY obligation this semester.
coursework. final projects. grading for my photo I kids. assistantship.
yesterday was the last day of my assistantship.
we got everything done, including entering all her grades online;
a process i actually was glad to be a part of (to see the inside).

one of my roommates is screaming and cursing.
it seems she purchased a 6-month membership on
eharmony or match.com the other night.
she had been drinking and now she regrets it
so she's trying to get the charges off her card
and i guess she's having trouble. it was $150+

today i start my internship at pan american today.
i'm excited about the work and connections,
although not so excited about the $ i will be spending on gas each week.
it should be a great experience though and the two women that run it are so sweet.

after posting some of my platinum palladium prints,
caleb has decided he wants to learn them in exchange for teaching me c-printing.
i am dying to learn c-printing, so yay for that.

maymester starts monday and runs three weeks.
i am taking experimental screenprinting, which is a fibers course
(not printmaking). very excited about that too.

and this was a lot of ramble ramble ramble
without much of a point.

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